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Two Energy Efficient Homes in Chistochina

Cheesh’na Tribal Council and Copper River Basin Regional Housing Authority partnered together to construct two, 3-bedroom single family homes in Chistochina.  This development project was funded by Indian Community Development Block Grant, Indian Housing Block Grant and AHFC Supplement Housing Grant.  The total cost of construction to build was $870,751.  The development team consisted of Wolverine Supply, Inc., CRW Engineering and KPB Architect/Rhodes Architect.

Energy efficiency was the number one priority for the Cheesh’na Tribal Council. Secondly, importance was placed on providing alternative amenities that would allow the homes to function with extended power outages. We felt the design/build team responded to the tribe’s preferences accordingly. Each home has a wood stove and a manual switch for a back-up generator.

We broke ground in July of 2018 with clearing the lots for the building pad and installing the water and wastewater system.  The homes were constructed with 6” of structurally insulated panels (SIP), energy efficient windows and doors, HRV ventilation system, LED lighting and furnished with energy star rated appliances.  The construction was completed in February 2019.  An independent energy assessor performed the BEEs rating and we are pleased that the homes have been rated at 5+ star.

Two tribal members transitioned from renting into home ownership on February 14, 2019.

Chisto Con Outside - Copy
Chisto Con Outside2 - Copy

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